Life & Health Insurance

Life Insurance

Whether you’re looking to provide financial security in the event of death or disability, access to quality healthcare, finance a child’s education, pay off a mortgage, fund retirement or cover final expenses, Motorists is there for you.

You can count on us to handle your life insurance, long-term care, disability and group and individual medical insurance needs.

Determine your areas for financial need.

Life insurance exists to protect those who depend on you financially in the event of death or disability. Simply put, there are two main reasons to buy life insurance:

  1. Because you owe someone
  • Final expenses
  • Debt payment
  • Mortgage payoff
  1. Because you love someone
  • College education
  • Emergency fund
  • Charitable requests
  • Survivor income

Understand your coverage options.

While you may have life insurance through your employer, you should know that your employer-sponsored plans may have the following limitations:

  • Discontinue when your employment ends
  • Do not carry over into retirement
  • Have limited term coverage
When shopping for life insurance, there are two major types:

Term insurance provides coverage for a specific period of time. In the event of death or major disability, it protects dependents from financial responsibility for your debts such as mortgages and loans and will replace your income.

Permanent insurance, such as Whole Life or Universal Life, provides lifelong coverage and the death benefit is guaranteed. It also has an important additional feature called a “cash value,” which grows with tax-deferred interest during your lifetime. You then have the ability to leverage this as a quick source of money in an emergency situation.

We have several plans available to ensure your family is financially protected. Whether you live, die or become disabled, we’ve designed our life insurance and annuity products with your needs in mind. Our products come with outstanding service and the single, most important thing you can count on –– the promise to pay.

Health Insurance

What Is Health Insurance?

Health or medical insurance is a way to manage the cost of health care. Health insurance companies collect premiums and pay out eligible benefits. Covered services can include preventive care like routine check-ups and treatment for illness and injury.

Individual health insurance is health coverage you purchase on your own directly from health insurance companies rather than a group plan sponsored by an employer. While the name suggests it’s only for individuals, these policies can serve as family health insurance, too.

One key distinction between group coverage and individual health insurance is choice. Some people who receive medical insurance through an employer-sponsored plan pick their plan from a short list of options. On the other hand, people who purchase medical insurance on their own get to choose a health plan from a wide range of health insurance companies and policies.

The Need for Individual Health Insurance

Usually, if you get your medical insurance through your employer, the employer will pay at least a portion of the cost. Some employers negotiate with health insurance companies to obtain discounted rates for their group of employees. However, many workers don’t have access to a group plan. Others don’t find employer-sponsored coverage to be affordable health insurance for them or the best health insurance for their needs. Of course, everyone still needs health insurance to help protect their physical and financial health, and you may have more insurance options than you think.

What Are My Individual and Family Health Insurance Options?

Though you can choose a number of supplemental insurance plans that can help round out any health care coverage, the three main choices for health insurance are:

Affordable Care Act (ACA) Insurance
Commonly called Obamacare, this major medical insurance can’t exclude you because of preexisting conditions and must offer specific health benefits

Short Term Health Insurance
This is temporary medical insurance meant to help cover gaps in other coverage.

Medicare Major medical insurance for those 65 or older or with qualifying disabilities.


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